A Little From the Weekend

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This weekend so full of fun! Out of no where the cold subsided and the heat came back. It was 70 something all weekend and I felt it was such a blessing. I try to not take those days for granted especially in the Fall. If you can go to the Lake and enjoy it than it should happen. 

Right now it is pretty amazing in Northern Michigan. It is the end of the harvesting season and the grapes and hops are being brought in all month. Everyone is celebrating the harvest of the season by brewing meads, wines, and beers. There is fresh cider almost everywhere and pumpkin everything as all the happy orange squashes are being brought in. We have harvest parties at local farms to attend and I have to say I love it. When I say harvest party though I really mean it. They are on farms and it is a true celebration with a spread of food, a warm fire, good banjo picking, and great drinks. We have another this weekend to attend and I cannot wait!  It is so wonderful to celebrate the summer with our beautiful place with new and old friends. 

Other than attending harvest parties we tried to spend as much time enjoying the color and beautiful weather. We went up to Old Mission and decided to get a fix of the water. We explored along the isthmuses and trudged through the shallow water enjoying the cool water between our toes. Kind of magical in my books. 

I love Fall and I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy your time outside exploring and doing all the fun Fall things there are wherever you may be. 

OH and by the way I now want to live in a yurt after visiting this one at the Giving Tree Farm. So very cool!


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