15 Pieces to Keep You Warm Right Now + Take Into Spring

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15 Items for Spring that you can wear now and in spring. See more on the fresh exchange


Everybody is starting to talk spring, but around here we won’t see spring for some time still. That used to bother me that we were some of the last to get the experience of spring, but now I know that waiting for things isn’t always a bad thing. Spring comes here in late April but even then we may still see some late cool days well into May. What this means though is sometimes I begin to need a little refresh in my wardrobe, but I don’t want to buy just anything because if I want to wear it now it needs to keep me warm but still be something I can wear once it starts to warm up. So this time of year if I need to spruce up my closet a little to make me excited about the fact sandals are a distant idea I look for pieces that can easily layer but then unlayered are great for spring. I gathered up a few great things to add to your own wardrobe that will easily work layered together to keep you warm but still be a fun and shining star come the warmer days of spring.

15 Items for Spring that you can wear now and in spring. See more on the fresh exchange

Army Parka from ASOS  |  Striped Flannel from Madewell  |  Wrap Cardigan from ASOS  |  Quilted Collared Coat from Anthropologie  |  Ribbed-Knit Cotton Cardigan from Anthropologie  |  Cotton Sweater from Jcrew  |  Denim Patch Jeans from H&M  |  Sweater Scarf from Madewell |  Olive Oversized Sweater from H&M  |  Chambray Shirt from Jcrew  |  Cotton Sweater from Everlane  |  Quilted Lightweight puffer from ASOS   |  Peach Hoodie from Jcrew  |  Herringbone coat from Madewell  |  Striped oversized Cardigan from Gap

What pieces do you like adding in this time of year when we still have quite a few days of winter but are longing for the refresh of spring?

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