2011 Calendars

I get really excited about a new year mostly because my birthday is only a few days into every new year but also because I love seeing all the new Calendar designs that show up on the blogs. Calendars offer an endless possibility of designs that are perfect for anyone so I thought I would share some of my favorites. 

Also these can make for some great gifts for the right person on your list and some of them are just pure works of art that can be collected and visited in later years. So beautiful.

And tomorrow get ready for a Christmas DIY. First of the many I will be doing as the holidays are approaching very quickly. So get your hot glue guns ready for the holiday season cause every friday I am posting a weekend DIY. 

Enjoy the calendars and thinking of the next year to come. 

[ cicada ]

[ seesaw

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2 Responses

  1. How bout you design a calendar for 2011 and I'll buy it from you? Sounds like a great plan. Glad you agree since I know your not busy at AAALLLLL!

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