3 Every Day Outfits

3 Every Day Outfits  |  The Fresh Exchange

As you saw in my last post when I talked about travel and the necessary items I always have I thought I would also share more of my go-to outfits with you all. Also as I said in that last post I am more and more trying to focus on quality more classic pieces that are transitional to seasons and versatile to any situation. This means some of the choices I make when putting together outfits lately may be a little bit more pricey but I promise they are quality and they are things I either wear already or have been dreaming about adding to my closet. The older I get the more a realize that putting a little more quality in your wardrobe can go a long way. I have begun to have signature Megan outfits so to speak and I kind of dig that. I like things to be simple and I like things to have the option to be more exciting if I want or for them just to be as is as well. So here are 3 of my go to every day choices for attire that I feel are pretty perfect for the season right now.

3 Every Day Outfits  |  The Fresh Exchange

This look is awesome because it is comfy but totally meeting appropriate as a freelancer or small business owner. I am adding a pair of white chucks to my closet this Spring. Been tossing it in the air for a while but for $40 I think they are worth it! With an outfit like this the goal is simplicity, casual, but cleanliness. By pairing all blacks and whites together like this it keeps things looking very uniform and chic without giving up the comfort of wearing your favorite tee, jeans, and sneakers. Who thought that was possible huh?

Where to buy?
Blazer: Topshop
Striped Shirt: Madewell
Jeans: J Brand
White Tennis Shoes: Converse
Clutch: Clare Vivier

3 Every Day Outfits  |  The Fresh Exchange

Since Spring and Summer are right around the corner having simple outfits that can transition from day to an evening out are always good to have. I swear by the striped shift dress and actually have 3 different ones in my closet alone. They never will fail you and they always look great for any event. Bonus they are super comfy. For me I like to accessorize with a statement necklace, simple shoes, and a great bag. All together it comes to a well put together outfit that still feels everyday and something you can wear to the farmer’s market or to a dinner out with your best friend.

Where to buy?
Dress: Toast
Shoes: No. 6
Bag: Madewell
Necklace: Anthropologie

3 Every Day Outfits  |  The Fresh Exchange

If I could define my style in any way I wanted…I would want to to own the understated badass, but this part of me only comes out at certain times…maybe one day I will be more consistent. ha. Anyways what I love about this everyday outfit is you essentially wearing jeans and a t-shirt…Crazy right? Add a bright well structured bag, ankle boots with a buckle, and aviators and I promise you will turn heads. Channel your inner Elin Kling and I promise this will become something of a uniform. Now if you are fearful of white pants I have a couple suggestions. Find a pair that is thick, remember they can always be bleached, and get true 100% cotton denim. The stretch will begin to make them look gross especially if they are not the right quality. I highly suggest Raleigh Denim, Imogene and Willie, but also Gap and Madewell. If you still are not convinced go for a pair of leather pants..yes you will love them…just don’t wear on an 80 degree day.

Where to buy?
1. T-shirt: H&M
2. Tote: Zara
3. Jeans: Topshop
4. Sunglasses: Ray Ban
5. Boots: Topshop


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  1. I love this Megan. This is something I’m definitely trying to do more of lately; simplify. It feels great when your closet is down to just your favorite pieces and you actually wear them everyday!

  2. Yes, you called it, scared of the white pants! I bought my first pair of light coloured minty pants last year and kinda loved them…baby steps towards white!
    Lovin all the looks. I’m not very girly or spend much time getting ready in the morning. However I do find myself waking up and not being able to decide what to wear. I feel like I’m very much still finding the real “me” in outfits that are good for work and play. I really love the idea of a “uniform” tho and can’t wait to get to that point for myself! This is great inspiration and totally where I’m heading!

  3. Yes! I love having a few go to uniforms. I’m still trying to nail mine down, but understated bad ass is kind of my inspiration. It’s fun to try to make it work appropriate aka business casual. Playing around with accessories can give you the badass vibe while still being professional. Thanks for the inspiration!