Ending Spring – Beginning Summer

End of Spring and beginning of Summer  |  The Fresh Exchange

Last weekend was the first weekend we saw Cherry Blossoms. This is always to me the sure sign of the transition from Spring to Summer. There is nothing more awesome then seeing those trees bloom.

This weekend is to me the true indication of the beginning of Summer even if it is under 70 degrees outside, Memorial Day Weekend is the beginning of the Summer weeks for vacationers and for our town. Though the streets become more crowded and the traffic is worse it is the weekend I look forward almost more than the 4th of July because it means it is time for days on the beach, long all day adventures with no care in the world, and nights spent around the fire. I look forward to needing a shower at the end of the day before dinner because I spent the day in the sand or dirt or hell even just sweat a lot. I love Summer and I am so glad it is finally beginning.

What do you have planned this weekend? Do you have Memorial Day traditions with family or friends?

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4 Responses

  1. @pamela — agreed! here in boston we had a handful of nice days, but since, the highs have been in the 60s; just wet and cold! coming from the south, its definitely not felt quite like spring or summer just yet…

  2. Usually the plan for Memorial Day weekend is beach, boat, and BBQ. But the weather here in NYC is rainy and in the 50s! Monday looks much more promising, so I’m catching up on things, reading, and relaxing today. Always a nice alternative on a long weekend.

  3. It was super hot this past week, but today (Friday) and the weekend is back down to the 40’s at night! Confusing weather!

    This weekend is going to be relaxed after a tiring week. Will spend some time with friends eating yummy food.

    Have a good one!

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