A Day With Nellie

As you all know Mike and I love our sweet golden retriever, Nellie, and honestly know our lives would not be full of as much laughter without this sweet pup. Well, the other day I was working at a wedding with A Day In May, and while I was gone Mike thought it would be fun to take Nellie down for some water action. It never fails when she goes to the water that she gets disgustingly muddy. So when I got to my computer this morning I found these precious photos he took of her getting a bath and could not help but post them. These are the pathetic eyes we get on a regular basis. Sometimes it is just too much to take.

But to understand any Nellie bath experience you have to see the photos from her bath the day we got her because it was only yesterday that it has been a year since we picked her up and she smelled like a fish from swimming in the lake so much. haha. So I thought just for the sake of reminiscing I would post those before the ones from Friday.

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