A Room Created

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The other day I was thinking about how easy it would be decorate without any restraints. The reason my place isn’t where I want to be is because I am always hunting for a bargain in order to stay on budget but still get great style and design. 

A lot of the style I love as any of you followers would know is that of an eclectic look mixed with mid-century modern pieces. I love textural elements and that slight touch of whimsy. I am infatuated with plugging in unique modern pieces but could never live in a home full of modern furniture instead I want my home to feel comfortable and cozy but bring in those clean lines and elements. 

Thus I thought why not mock-up spaces every once and while to showcase some of my favorite pieces and design stores I love. So I am going to start periodically creating spaces digitally and posted them on here to showcase some cool items but showcase in a way that they coordinate in a room. I am very excited to start doing this cause I had a ton of fun with this one and there are so many more amazing items out there I want to use in rooms. 

In this one though I believe my favorite elements are the yellow metal chairs and the woven wood floor lamps. Just so cool I can’t get enough of them. 

I have listed the items below and where to purchase them. Check them out and make sure to check out all the cool places. 


1.Wall Art 2. Couch 3. Pillows  4. Throw 5. Yellow Metal Chairs 6. Woven Wood Floor Lamps 7. Coffee Table 8. White Vases 9. Blue and White Rug


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