A Simple Christmas

Thought I would share a little of our Christmas weekend. All captured via Instagram. We enjoyed a few days of relaxation without being too far from work, which honestly is the way I like it. I wouldn’t call myself a workaholic but more like someone who simply loves what they do too much to leave it alone for too long. So we tried to slow down enjoy little things like the snow falling on the pine trees in the backyard or sleeping in late and cuddling with our pup.

I spent some time baking with my mom which is always a Scott family tradition in our house. I also took on the task of cooking a big dinner all on my own. I mentioned that I was nervous but once I got moving in the kitchen it all went well even though I did accidentally place the eggs for the cornbread into the cranberry sauce, which resulted in starting over. It was wonderful to just enjoy some peace, quiet, and the simple things. I am took a break from work outs and eating strictly for the past 6 months. I figured after getting fit over the last few months it was okay to eat a ridiculous amount of cookies and truffles and stuffing. Now that carb overload is subsiding I am beginning to miss my workouts and high level of vegetable consumption.

I hope your holiday was wonderful and fun but mostly relaxing. What was your favorite part of the last weekend and week?

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