A Snowy Walk

We are about to run out the door to shoot a wedding this weekend down in Grand Rapids with Cory Weber. Super excited to have some time to spend with with good friends and do some great work. 

The other day on Dec. 1st we woke up to snow falling in the most gentle and beautiful way. We just had to take advantage of the moment and bundled up and drove to our favorite hiking trail. Mike brought along his camera and we shot a short video of our walk that I thought I would share with you guys and let you see why we love snow so much and our pup, Nellie, loves the snow as well. 

We had a blast making this and even more fun putting it together. I apologize for my geeky run and funny walking in the snow. The mud under the snow was slippery and I guess it might have been funnier if I had fallen but I had to apologize and tell you I don’t normally run like such a geek. 

Have a great weekend you guys. I am going to try and get another post up this weekend but Happy first weekend of December!

Also don’t forget to jump on over to Simply Blue Weddings for my post today on a White Wedding Palette. 

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6 Responses

  1. Hey Graham!

    Thanks so much! Obviously Mike shot it and yes you can’t have enough Vetiver. We love them cause it is so Northern Michigan and fits our drives to jobs a lot 🙂

    Hope you are well as well haven’t talked in a while!!

  2. first off very nice footage, second off wonderful song, i haven't listened to that album in a while and your video made me bust it out again!

    Hope life is well darlin,

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