A sweet tooth

I love a good sweet once and a while…well okay a lot of whiles. To me there is no better way to celebrate something than choosing a sweet little cupcake or baking a very cool cake. I love going out for dinner but I would much rather go out for dessert. 

Today Mike and I decided to start a little diet to get nice and fit before we head to bathing suit weather down in Florida. I have been working out on a regular basis so eating a little something sweet was fine but it is now time to get serious to kill any of the extra little winter flab before we head down a week from Thursday. 

But with that being said I was going through my blog reel today and for some reason there was a ridiculous amount of colorful adorable desserts. Not fair is it? So I thought since I can’t eat them I would share some of the little sweet things and maybe you can enjoy them instead!

Also note my obsession with pink icing. Yes I have this thought deep in my mind somewhere that pink icing tastes better than other icings. No idea. 

Till tomorrow!
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