Adventures in Leelanau

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This weekend was so wonderful! Every day that passes that is warm enough to not wear a coat I think is possibly heaven. I know these great golden days are few and numbered as winter will be approaching in the next month and a half or so. That means that each weekend we have been trying to have adventures. This weekend we went up to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park (it was just voted America’s most beautiful place by GMA) and hiked on one of the trails there that we had not done yet. The whole day had this perfect Fall golden glow and so we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot some pictures. Also I wanted to share our adventure with you all. 

I have to tell you though that that farm right up there is my dream. It sits in this GIANT field on the side of the road and it is pure perfection in my mind. I love it and swoon every time we pass it. The small things about living on a peninsula in Michigan. 

Also just in case you didn’t know this Mike and I can tend to be a little goofy such as doing jumping photos in the middle of a field. I am not sure if that is goofy or just shameless ha. 

So this is just a peek into our day after sleeping in late on Sunday. Oh and how about them apples?! They are everywhere right now and they are so good. Just have to watch out for the ones the deer have already gotten to. 

Happy Monday guys! 

PS. If you missed Blog Brunch on Saturday I will be posting a recap this afternoon with a full transcript of everything that we covered. The next one will be November 5th (the first Saturday of the month)











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