Afternoon Champagne

I can think of a handful of people who have come into my life and truly impacted me. Most of these people happened during college in those formative years of discovering where life is taking you. But since graduation I have met only a few people in my life that have touched my soul in the way Mae of Bryan and Mae Photography has. 
We met through twitter of all places. She randomly started following me and then sent me a message saying she loved me work and would love to meet up when they were in Traverse City. Upon meeting her and Bryan at The Dish and talking for nearly two hours or more we have been hanging out and seeing each other whenever possible. 
So when Mike was away on business for the studio and I was here Mae and Bryan were up for a few days from Grand Rapids. This instantly meant that Mae and I had to more or less have a girls weekend so to speak.
When we planned out the days we were going to hang out she asked if she could use me for a study she had wanted to do. Bryan and Mae predominately shoot together and are probably one of the best couple photography teams I have seen in a while. Think Sarah Rhoads meets a little Max Wanger. Yeah pure brilliance. The way they see lines, color, and pattern in their work all while capturing the true nature of human emotion is something to revel at for a moment. 
So I was honestly surprised when Mae asked to shoot me by herself but then she explained she wanted to do something of a boudoir shoot but in a more casual normal way no lingerie just comfy laid back saturday afternoon. I did not include some of the photos but I wanted to some mostly because Mae’s work was overly inspiring to me. Not just as an artist but as a woman. 
It is hard find someone that can show you something in yourself without words but Mae did that for me. I saw a side of myself that I had never seen and realized the beauty of who I am in a way I would never have without these images she did. So I have to say if you have ever thought about something like this do it. Especially after that first 6 months of marriage. There is a whole new woman that begins to surface after some time in marriage and I feel I saw that grown up evolving woman I am currently. 
Now it was nerve racking I will be honest I was a little self-concious considering I hadn’t worked out in a long time and she was placing me in boy short underwear and a white t-shirt but we cracked some bubbly and got a little bubbled up inside and laughed a lot. 
It is amazing to find women in your life who inspire you and grow you and vice versa. Mae challenges me and supports me and I know I do the same for her. It is hard to find friends like that so when you do you must cherish them and enjoy every moment. So thank Twitter for giving me Mae 🙂
Anyways enjoy these photos. Ignore my husbands fishing pole in that first picture ha that cracked me up a little. Also check out more of Bryan and Mae’s work as well as the post they did on this shoot as well. Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And if you are in the area and need some fun creative photographers give them a shout they won’t disappoint if anything they will surprise you!

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