And We’re Back

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Yes, the rumor is true! I am back and slowly hitting away at emails and business matters. I plan to kick off two very fun projects next week which I can’t wait for as well as tie up a wedding suite next week as well!
I know I said I planned on blogging a couple times but once I got there I realized I really needed to take the time and take a pretty serious break. I had not had one since our honeymoon to Jamaica last summer so after a long winter and a lot of hard work I felt it was necessary to be able to come back into spring and summer with a fresh outlook on Hitch and where I am headed with everything. 
While away the hubs and I evaluated a lot of Hitch and I finally finished reading Creative, Inc by Joy Cho and Meg Ilasco. I realized a lot of things that I was doing wrong and right with Hitch and evaluated where we want to be moving over the next 5 years. A lot of things need to still be hammered out on to paper but I am feeling fresh and ready to take this new direction with the business. I have debated about where Hitch was going for quiet some time. 
I think what was so eye opening to me was that your 1st year of business is just a launch of trial and error. I felt that most people really made it happen in that first year and things have gone well but Martha Stewart is not knocking on my door. We honestly had no idea what we were doing or even if it was what we wanted to do. We failed A LOT and learned so much through those failures and successes we have had. Not to say we won’t have more moments but sometimes you start in a direction that ultimately leads you somewhere else and that is where we are at as a business, a huge crossroads. You have to find the people who inspire you and drive your business and creativity. It is so key to know when to move in certain directions and I have felt for a while I needed to transition so now I am really making the decision. 
So Hitch will be moving towards doing custom design in a boutique style for similar clients as we have been working with currently and moving away from the wedding industry. Wedding stationery has been a very small part of our business and the time vs income has not been beneficial to the business. With quite a few very cool clients we have received recently it has helped confirm this move and we feel this is the right direction for the business.
The blog is going to become much more of a priority than it even is. We plan to relaunch the blog in the near future with a whole new design and a more centered direction of inspiration for design, lifestyle, fashion and featuring the studio’s work. We also plan to begin advertising as well with the new launch so more to come with that later!!
Then finally we are beginning the process of planning a very cool project that will be strictly for Hitch. We hope it will be complete by the Fall so cross those fingers. 
To say I am excited is an understatement. I love the wedding industry and the people I have met through it and will take certain requests for personal design work still for sure! But we are just trying to be smart about which projects we take. We love an out of the box project now and then so please still send them!
So excitement is definitely mounting in the studio as we begin this whole new phase of the business. It means a lot of scheduling, dreaming, budgeting, and goal setting but it feels wonderful to have a more refined dream than I did a week ago. I believe this is what vacations are meant for, to awaken new life in yourself and to process where you have been to move forward in a new way.
Happy Thursday! More to come later today!

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