Art to Outfit: Happy Hour

art: Ashley Goldberg
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Happy Hour is always the best especially after a long hard week. I look forward to giggling with my girls over a good glass of wine and putting on my favorite heels. It is always the best, isn’t it? This outfit is perfect because you could have wore it for work all day and then spruced it up with a chunky necklace and a clutch that says you are ready for some fun. You still look ready for the office but with a little spice, which is what Happy Hour is all about.

What is your go to drink at the bar?

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  1. love this outfit! and HH! my go to drinks are a moscow mule or dry champagne. i’m getting thirsty and it’s 9 AM!:)

    also- i own that necklace and it’s surprisingly versatile. i wear it often and ALWAYS get compliments on it. highly recommend!