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I know I don’t normally write on these posts but I wanted to highlight a few things about the column. I have had some request for obtainable pieces for you guys, as in pieces that aren’t crazy expensive and can be bought today if you were needing an outfit. So I wanted to share my little theory on clothes and outfit shopping. 
If you know me at all I am always looking for a good deal and do not see much sense in spending a hefty dollar on clothes since trends move too quickly. So things such as jewelry, purses, and trendy pieces I really try to only spend an amount that equals as many times as I think I will wear it. Meaning dollar amount = number of wears. 
All that to say I will be honest and tell you I spend a large dollar amount on things such as boots (ie my $358 Frye boots that I wear on average 3 times a week), good jeans (I love Joe jeans in particular which run $100- $180), a classic heel (recently paid $90 for a classic nude wedge and already have worn them about a dozen times), and finally every once and a while I splurge on a top. For instance last week’s post, I own that top which runs about $70 from anthro but it is hand made in San Francisco and by a small boutique designer. I try to choose these tops wisely and this one is a great example of that. I love the colors, the patten is classic, the fabric is high quality, and it is a loose flowy fit that some day when I am thinking about being a momma I can still wear as my body adjusts to carrying a kid. 
So just some thoughts but this outfit is VERY reasonable other than the top which is $228 but it can be replaced with something with the same aesthetic from a less pricey source. I would love to know if you guys end up finding another great option but I couldn’t pass up how this top had the exact same feeling as the art did. 
Anyways, just wanted to share some thoughts on outfit costs and so on. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on how you stay trendy without breaking the bank!

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