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Weekend Getaway outfit, Desert dreams

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Totally dreaming of a weekend getaway. If I could I think I would hop a plane and stay in some remote location where it is sunny but not too warm. Maybe somewhere in the desert for a change of scenery. It sounds so wonderful right? All I would take is an oversized purse that could hold a couple changes of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. Not check anything and just go. Sounds so romantic right? Yeah it would be very perfect!

This outfit is perfect for getting away. I have the shirt and absolutely love it. It is perfect for warm sunny days but also layers well for cool evenings. Really dreaming of having another. When paired with a great statement necklace it goes from casual and basic to something of a piece of art very easily. Currently I am obsessed with shorts and wedges. It makes simple jean cutoffs feel fancier and less like I am working on my yard. Pretty much in love with this outfit. Tuck the front of the long tee in and bring on the adventure!

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