Art to Outfit: Casual Dinner Downtown

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This winter my staples have been long sweaters with a chambray shirt, but you cannot always wear that with just dark jeans and knit leggings right? No way even though I debate it from time to time. So to spice it up add some leather leggings that say rock star but are made more casual by the chambray. Slip on some knee high boots that are comfortable and warm to beat the winter chill. Finally add some chunky jewels to compliment the fur. This is a good example of how combining multiple types of styles together can create a wondrous mix perfect to make a real statement anywhere you go.

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  1. Megan, I always love to see what direction you take your outfit segments. I know spring is coming up, but it can still be a little brisk out and I have one area where I really struggle. I’m never sure what to wear out on winter dates! Got any tips? Or maybe you could do a post on them! As always, thanks for sharing.