Ask Megan: Outfits for the Working Girl

Now if anyone one saw what I wore everyday to go to work you would not take my advice on this topic at all. A typical day consists of me rolling out of bed and putting on my yoga pants, vneck tshirt, and an oversized sweater. Though I try to do yoga everyday I just don’t normally get ready or dressed for the day till almost 3 or 4. Now when I do have meetings with clients those days are different so I am going to base my answer to my good friend, Julie’s question about great outfits for PA’s. 

Julie just began her new job as a Physician Assistant and working in a a white coat all day means that many of her outfits are never seen but that is not a reason to look good and be prepared for the end of the day and date nights with your husband. In every job it is important to feel good about yourself even if no one is seeing your clothes (such as me or Julie). 

So I have three outfits today that should get Julie and anyone else started on their outfits as a working woman in the world today. Now Julie is on her feet all day so we will be focusing on comfortable shoes that can work in her profession but know that any of these can be spiced up with a cute pair of heels or boots, which I would suggest for Julie when she gets off work and is heading out to meet her husband Kyle for dinner. 

There are three outfits I am focusing on for this the Comfort is Key, Getting the Job Done, Work to Date.

Comfort is Key: Let’s be honest even the most motivated girl has those days you don’t want to get out of bed. This dress is brilliant to jump from pajamas into and if it is a cool day some textured tights will make you feel warm and comfy all day. With simply accessories of a textured scarf, leather bag, and comfy flats with the animal print you will look like you put effort into yourself even if you rolled out of bed minutes before you head to work.
Find items here: Scarf: anthropologie, Dress: Athleta, Bag: Fossil, shoe: Jcrew

Get The Job Done: For those days you feel like you can accomplish the world a blazer and shiny top will make it happen for you. The brilliant part of this outfit is it will easily transition from day work to a night on the town with the girls or co-workers. Slip the blazer and scarf off and throw on the heels that are stuffed in your leather tote and you it will look like a whole new outfit and not feel like you just got off work. All the pieces are great weekend pieces as well. Definitely worth the money.

Find these items here: Blazer: Jcrew, Shirt: Jcrew, Scarf: Jcrew, pants: Jcrew, Shoes on right: Jcrew, Shoes on left: anthropologie.

Work to Date: Fridays should be about fun and dates which makes this outfit perfect. This outfit will make you feel like you are celebrating the end of the week but also it will knock the socks off your man. If this is too much color swap the bag for the black one from the comfort day but to me I love having color especially when I am ready for a good time.

 Find the items here: Necklace: anthropologie, Shirt: Anthropolgie, Cropped Pant: Gap, bag: Fossil, Shoes: Anthropologie,

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