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There is always this dilemma in the creative world whether you are male or female on how to dress. When you walk in to pitch your company for a big project or shoot a wedding or even just to meet up with a client how do you dress. You want to look the part of being a creative (aka have your own obvious style but still be part of the trends) but you want to be professional so your client knows you honestly have it together and you are respectable member of society and most importantly you are a good investment for them when they are doling out the money for your services.

With that as the topic this week I got a twitter message from my photographer friend Nick Key of Nick Key Photography asking for some help with his outfits for his website. He is a normal converse and tshirt kind of guy, which says he likes it simple and nothing too over the top. But it also tells me that he enjoys looking hip all while sticking to the classics. He most likely loves to shop at Gap, Jcrew, and maybe American Eagle and Banana Republic from time to time. Also being a Kentucky resident he is looking for something that is comfortable for the Fall weather. 

Now as a recent bride and friend of many photographers and a wife to one I have noticed a trend in the look of the men in the industry. Such male photography groups as the Mammoth Men have been known for their style and more particularly Fred Eagan for his ever popular Unabashedly Prep blog showcasing true prep. The one thing I have very much noticed is that the men in this industry embrace their style and part of the sell of many of them is how good they look. I hate to take it down to that shallow of base but let’s be honest ladies we love to choose good looking men. It makes it easy to flirt with the camera even on your wedding day haha. It is just a very interesting observation that wedding photographers tend to be good looking people and totally embrace their look, which I am in love with. 

So after my shallow compliments to the wedding photography industry I would like to get Nick three very great options for looks we can work off of for his shoot this weekend. This can be super helpful for many guys as well. I know how you guys like seeing outfits and not pieces so I am doing my best to put these together that way 😉

The Mocha Meet Up:
This is the outfit that you meet the couple in and let them know who you are. So you want to speak of your style both visually and through what you say. Part of that is your outfit. This is perfect for Nick as well so his brides can see who he is everyday and that he is approachable but still professional. 


Find the items here: Plaid shirt: Gap, Sweater: Banana Republic, Bag: Jcrew, Shoes: Jcrew

The E-Session:
This is the outfit where you most likely will be hiking through a field so you want to look comfy and ready to run for that perfect lighting at sunset but still have that I know what the heck I am talking about look. Thus the comfort with and edge of fashion. Once again perfect for Nick on his shoot, which will once again reaffirm to his brides who he is as a photographer but make them feel he is just another guy, in a good way.

Find the items here: Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: Gap, Chambray Shirt: Jcrew, Jeans: Jcrew, Boots: American Eagle

The Big Day:
This is the final meet up and the day they are really looking for you to hit the home run. So be ready to look nicer than before. This is the time you can show some real style and this look will sell you to the guests and possibly book a few shoots next year and maybe even another wedding. So you want to be prepared. This to me is very important more for the day of especially for a laid back guy. This isn’t necessarily the look for the website but still a great idea to still shoot for ads or other places Nick may want to look a little more dapper. 

FInd the items here: Scarf: urban outfitters, Shirt: Jcrew, Watch: Timex, Pants: Jcrew, Shoes: Urban Outfitters

These are all great ideas for the shoot for Nick but personally if it were me the one I would want to show to my brides is The Mocha Meet Up because that is the first impression to your brides. I remember when we met Cory Weber for our wedding we were sold when he walked up simply because Mike developed a quick man style crush on his outfit but he fit us from Hello. So that is the outfit you should show to your brides so they know what to expect when you meet up with them. 

To see what some local photographers are using for their shots on their sites check out this session between local Andy Wakeman, Dan Stewart, and Cory Weber

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