Best Tips for Backyard Chickens

Everything About Backyard Chickens - The Fresh Exchange

Backyard chickens have grown in demand the last few years as more and more people seek ways to be more self-sufficient and connect to nature so what are the best tips for backyard chickens? What should you know about when selecting your chickens and everything else you may want to know about starting your own […]

How to Cook Wild Ramps

Wild Ramps - Sustainability, Cooking, and How to Harvest

Wild Ramps are also known as Wild Leeks. They are one of the first wild foods and even the first things available in the spring in Northern Michigan. Wild Ramps are beautiful and incredibly popular right now. These wild foods are gracing the covers of magazines, shown in flat lays on Instagram, they are sold […]

How to Lower Waste as a Parent

Simple Ways to Lower Waste as a Parent

As part of our Earth Day series on the podcast, I had the chance to bring in Elana Jadallah of Elanaloo to talk about low waste living. Elana is an activist that is pursuing a low waste lifestyle while living bi-coastally in Hawaii and Maine throughout the year. She has taught me so much about […]

Why You Should Grow a Garden As a Parent

Why And How to Grow A Garden with your Kids This Summer.

With the many demands on us as parents to think about starting a garden with your child may seem like a daunting task, but I will tell you that it may worth the initial effort for the way it eases and connects you and your child. In today’s podcast, I share some ways and ideas […]

Tops Tips Before Starting a Garden

Tips to Consider When Starting Your Garden

This season here are the tops tips before starting a garden. That is what spring is all about. So as many of you are debating and planning on what and ultimately WHERE you will put your garden this spring, I wanted to share some tips for how to make sure you find the right spot […]

Garden Tour – Kalin Sheick of Sweetwater Floral

Garden Tour: Kalin Sheick of Sweetwater Floral in Petoskey, Michigan

I am so excited today to welcome Kalin Sheick of Sweetwater Floral in Petoskey, Michigan to the podcast today. You know I am all about the veggies around here, but I also don’t think any veggie patch is complete without flowers! I have learned so much from Kalin over the last few years and she […]

Fresh Exchange Community – All The Details

Fresh Exchange Community Launch

Today on the Fresh Exchange podcast Mike and Megan sat down to discuss everything about the community. You can listen in to get all the info on the community launch and even more on what is ahead and why we have made so many decisions. Listen in through the player below. There was a night […]

Eat Local – 5 Simple and Affordable Ways

Eat Local: 5 Simple and Affordable Ways - Fresh Exchange

For years and years before us, humans have never had to use the word local and eating together, because eating local was just how you ate. Now in our world we can access things year around from around the world. The pandemic made it clear that though these things are nice luxuries it is a […]

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Over the years I have done a lot of trials on how to start seed indoors so I have written a quick guide to help you from lessons I have learned along the way. This isn’t foolproof. Seed Starting is very hard, but as I explain in our podcast this is about turning our attention […]

Garden Tour: Kelsey Johnston of My Simply Simple

Garden Tour in Indiana - Kelsey Johnston of My Simply Simple

Garden Tour with Kelsey of My Simply Simple in Indiana is our next garden tour. We continue today in our garden series to talk to other gardeners all over about what they are doing and growing. The challenges they face and how their garden connects them to the natural world in a far deeper way. […]

What is Seasonal Eating?

What is Seasonal Eating? - The Fresh Exchange

Seasonal Eating is currently a trending conversation and I wanted to sit down and really share why these two words aren’t and shouldn’t be a trend and what it actually is. I have believed for quite some time that the way we shift our climate, our communities, and solve so many issues we are facing […]

Garden Tour with Megan Stubbs in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Garden Tour: Megan Stubbs of Grands Rapids, Michigan

As we begin 2021 and start our gardens one of the things I have wanted to do as we dive into providing a deeper connection into the community here at Fresh Exchange is beginning to share other people’s gardens. I know things about gardening and have my own ways of doing and playing in my […]

How to Thrive in Winter

You can listen to the recording of this podcast below or on Apple for the full episode as well. How are we friends? Just a quick check-in here. Let’s begin by just pausing for a self-scan. Like how are you REALLY doing? I love that moment at the end of a yoga class where you […]

The Garden Recap for 2020 + My 2021 Garden Plan

I recapped the entire 2020 garden and discussed seed shortages as well as how I am planning for 2021 on our podcast this week. You can listen to the full episode on Apple or through the play box below. If you want to hear about my suggestions for handling shortages and more please head to […]

Intentionally Approaching an Unpredictable Year + First Podcast Episode!

You read that right! If you haven’t been following along on Instagram I launched our first episode of the podcast this last week. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can hit the image below to head to Apple Podcasts or you can head to this page to find other ways to subscribe and […]

The Falling of the Leaves. The Revealing of Who We Are.

Be in this Season | Quote | Fresh Exchange.

Every year in the fall I hold my breath to wait to see the colors revealed on our hills. If you didn’t know trees do not show the same color every year. Their color is determined by that growing year. The cold days where they rested to the final moments before their colors turned are […]

A Year is a Day

Fresh Exchange - Quote - Year is a Day

October came with rainbows. Day after day of brilliant colors to the sky. A landscape shifted to includes golds, oranges, reds, and deep greens. The landscape itself has turned to a rainbow right in front of our eyes these last few weeks. The cold has descended and our first frost kissed the ground after the […]

The Language of Nature

Out for an afternoon walk the other day, the trees were turning red. Bright orange and red tones kissing the tips of their green. Hayes ran ahead of me and he looked for acorns under the oak tree. He then said, “Mama, how do the trees know when to turn their leaves?” I said, they […]

Loosening My Grip

These  posts are more or less streams on consciousness. They are not reread. They are not polished. They are intended to act like journal entries. The 40 minutes I have is what I have to let these things out and I hope this way of sharing isn’t just helpful to me right now, but great […]

Being Here Now.

Hints of fall have been showing up all around us. August felt hot and drying. We had to spend nearly every evening water the garden. The ferns on our hill turned brown later than normal but the trees on the hills became red sooner than normal. A weird combo that felt deeply like Autumn far […]

How to Freeze Tomatoes

How to Freeze Tomatoes without Blanching

Freezing tomatoes is one of the easiest ways to get into saving your garden harvest in late summer. With the abundance of tomatoes it is great to take advantage of them and put them away in your freezer for the winter ahead. I am sharing how to freeze your tomatoes without blanching or cooking in […]

Simple Panzanella Salad

Simple and Easy Panzanella Recipe. | Fresh Exchange

At summer’s peak I love to make a simple Panzanella salad recipe. It is hands down a favorite in our home. We eat it at any given moment for lunch or dinner. I am obsessed with it but it is one of those things only great in the heat of summer when the produce is […]

Our Summer Shop Collection

I haven’t written about the shop in a long while. When I dreamt about our store years ago I had one goal…I wanted to create and bring together items that had longevity and purpose but also beauty. Most of all I wanted to bring together natural and local goods that had a style I wanted […]

How to Freeze Zucchini

How to Freeze Zucchini with No Waste | Fresh Exchange

At some point we get tired of all the zucchini so today I am going to walk you through how to freeze zucchini in the simplest way with little to no waste on the other side. It is so simple. I also brought my mom in who taught me how to freeze zucchini to help […]