How to Dry Herbs

How to Dry and Save Herbs from Your Garden

Drying herbs is probably the EASIEST thing you can do when it comes to preserving a harvest from the garden. I thought for so long it was incredibly challenging and had to be more complicated but I am here to tell you it is not! All you need is enough space and plenty of herbs. […]

Easy Sautéed Zucchini

Pesto Zucchini Recipe - Vegan and Simple

This easy sautéed zucchini recipe is a simple way to enjoy the abundance of zucchini right now! This week marks the first time we harvested our zucchini. For a few summers now I have only gotten zucchini at the farm market because truly I don’t enjoy having a zucchini plant that takes over my life. […]

The Essential Linens for the Kitchen

You can get WAY too many linens in your kitchen so what are the essential linens for your kitchen that you actually need and what don’t you need? After cooking and gathering for over 10 years now I have gathered up the essential things you actually need in your kitchen. Below you will find my […]

What to Plant in the Garden in July

What to Plant in July in Your Garden

Welcome to the first FULL week of July. This means we are starting to transition things in our garden this month. We are seeing the ending of spring veggies and the beginning of the summer vegges all while we dream about fall veggies. PHEW! Are you tired yet haha. I have a tendency to get […]

How to Prune Tomato Plants

How to Prune Tomato Plants

Have you ever had a year your tomatoes felt ENORMOUS like they took over your garden? Well, the thing is did you know you can prune tomato plants? Yes. It is true and it is extremely easy. I will show you how to prune tomato plants easily and simply. This way you can very easily […]

What You Need for Baby Chicks

For a long time we have considered and known we would eventually have chickens on our land. There are many reasons to own chickens if you have a larger garden. I will discuss that below, but setting up what they need is even easier than you may think. I was very worried about the necessary […]

The Minimalist’s Small Kitchen Appliances

I am in the kitchen constantly cooking as our garden explodes and offers us the best of the best things. So I gathered up a few of my favorite small appliances and tools that help me feel like a rock star in the kitchen. I am a minimalist so I have gotten down to the […]

Everything About Steel Raised Beds

Steel Garden Raised Beds - Everything You need to know.

Let’s talk about Steel Raised Beds today. Many of you have had a lot of curiosity about our steel raised beds we have and I wanted to go through answer all the questions for you. I will jump right in with the common ones we are asked but you can also see the IGTV I […]

What to Plant in Your Garden in June

What you should plant in your garden in June on The Fresh Exchange

When June arrives I am deep in planting in the garden from seeds to plants themselves. It is a busy time! Every Bed is prepped and ready to take on what summer has to offer. So I gathered up a few of my favorite things to plan by seed in June. I explain where and […]

Roasted Radishes with Radish Green Pesto Recipe

Roasted Radishes with Radish Green Pesto - Vegan Recipe on The Fresh Exchange

When you have piles of radishes coming in from the garden you want to find every way to enjoy them. Since radishes especially during hot springs or mid summer harvests in summer can be very spicy it is good to know and understand what to do with them. If you aren’t a fan of raw […]

Simple Roasted Asparagus Recipe

Simple Roasted Asparagus Recipe that is vegan and easy to prepare in under 20 minutes

We are in full on asparagus season up here and will be for another few weeks. That said, I had to share the easiest and simplest way to eat asparagus that literally takes no time or effort. This roasted asparagus recipe is one you can do without any forethought other than having fresh asparagus. Below […]

How to Fill A Raised Bed Garden

How to fill Your Raised Beds and What til Fill them with. More on The Fresh Exchane

As we get deeper into gardening this year, one of the main things we get asked is how we filled our raised beds in our garden. We have a post upcoming about how we created our steel raised beds, but I thought it best to explain how to to fill raised beds whether steel or […]

Simple Dairy-Free Pesto Recipe

Dairy-Free Pesto recipe and suggestions for saving fresh herbs from the garden

Did you know you can make dairy-free pesto? A few years ago I started eliminating the Parmesan from our pesto and I never looked back. Completely dairy-free, vegan, plant-based…how ever you want to term it, but this pesto recipe can be applied to nearly any greens, herbs, nuts, seeds, and so on you have in […]

Easy Rustic Strawberry Rhubarb Galette Recipe

Rustic Strawberry Rhubarb Galette on The Fresh Exchange - Seasonal Garden to Kitchen Recipes

We have approached the beloved Strawberry and Rhubarb combo season here in Michigan. It is one we all anxiously await. The sweet and tart combo of these midwest favorites are hard to top. The taste of a Strawberry and Rhubarb pie is quintessential of my childhood memories, I have made and shared a healthy Strawberry […]

Whole Chicken Instant Pot Recipe

If you aren’t aware or follow on Instagram, I have created a whole series of Reasons I Love My Instant Pot. Basically I am obsessed with this kitchen appliance in the most unexpected way. I was gifted one for my 30th birthday and literally avoided it like the plague. I was convinced I was cheating […]

How to Easily Prepare a Garden Bed

How to Easily Prep a Garden Bed for Planting

When it comes to preparing for your garden one of the main things you have to do is clear an area for the garden beds whether you are placing your garden into your ground or using a raised bed. Either way I wanted to show you how we prepare a garden bed whenever we begin […]

Best Kids Books About Nature

When we started a family, I knew one thing…I wanted my kids to know nature and the outdoors. I wanted messy days in the mud and them to have sandy feet and eat out of a garden. I wanted them to know the value of a campfire on a cool night and the excitement of […]

A Quick Guide to Soil for Your Garden

Garden soil for beginners.

As you are beginning your gardens this year I thought it would be nice to have a quick guide to soil for your garden. I wanted to take out the clutter of soil options so you know what you need to look for. Just some quick tips, references, and general info to help you in […]

Pantry Staples – Easy Peanut Butter or ANY nut butter

Easy Peanut Butter at Home

Making some of our favorite staples is honestly easier than we think. If anything has reminded me of this it has been this time in quarantine. We have learned how to make more out of less and that sometimes our staple items are actually much simpler to get back in our pantry than we thought. […]

First Garden – What to Grow and When to Start

What to Grow In your First Garden as a Beginner. Get the full list on The Fresh Exchange.

The top question I get from those with a Beginner Garden is, What should I grow in my first garden? I love this question because beginning a garden is one of the most exciting things in the world, but also it means someone is going to start growing their own food. It makes me happy […]

Pantry Staple: How to Make Instant Pot Chicken Broth

The Fastest and Easiest way to make Chicken Broth in the Instant Pot

If there is ONE thing you can save money on in your kitchen with very little effort, it is Chicken Broth or Veggie Broth…either one. Learning how to make Chicken Broth is the easiest thing you could possibly make at home. Then if you have an Instant Pot it is EVEN easier! So I put […]

Welcome Spring and A Letter For You

I don’t normally do this, but many of you wrote me after I sent our spring email and felt our Letter from the Editor for the season should be shared on the blog. I debated it and decided I think you all are right. Originally when I put together our Spring email it was long […]

Tips For Your First Raised Bed Garden + Our Garden E-Book

My Top Tips for Your First Garden

This last week we released our Garden E-book for Beginners. I began writing this book last year when I was in need of some hope. Carrying a baby and being sick I felt was a blessing and a challenge in the same breathe so I focused on my garden in order to keep my head […]

Pantry Staples: Easy Healthy Granola

Easy Granola Recipe to make from Pantry Staples

I love finding ways to make those things that cost what feels like an arm and a leg at the store. I also love figuring out how to make something that builds a healthy microbiome with great fiber intake and this healthy granola recipe hits both of those notes. Packed full of healthy fats, low […]