Making Time for Date Night + A Recipe

Images by: Mae Stier The last few weeks have been really busy. Since we shared our Plum Organics‘s challenge to Do Your (Part)ner, and recommit to making time for our relationship, I (Mike) had a trip to NYC for 48 hours in the middle of my birthday week to finish a major product design for a client […]

A Morning Moment

Our morning routines have become more scheduled than they every have in the past. We wake up at exactly 7am and with the dogs clicking on the floor behind me, I open Hayes’s door and say “good morning buddy”. Within seconds he gives the cutest squeak of joy, which I pretend is for me, but I […]

2016 Mille Mitten

It’s Mille Mitten time! For the last three summers, we have joined some of our favorite people in Michigan for a 1000+ mile journey over 4-days around the mitten. This was the 5th Mille Mitten road rally but our third trip, and it might be our favorite so far. Check out our first and second […]

Fly Fishing the Maple River

Fly Fishing the Maple River | Northern Michigan | The Fresh Exchange

I’ll be the first to admit, fly fishing is both easy to pick up and incredibly difficult to master. I am no master and this will not be a story about how to master the craft. However, I hope I can peak the interest of some of you who might be thinking about getting into […]

Chattanooga, Tennessee City Guide

This year, instead of trying to drive half the distance of America with a 4-month-old, Megan and Hayes flew up to Michigan and the pups and I made a road trip north. It can be pretty brutal to try and just drive the 14-20 hours to Michigan, so I decided to pick a midpoint city […]

Loving Now: Creative Truth Book

Loving Now: Creative Truth | The Fresh Exchange

In the past, we have recommended quite a few books. Some have been cookbooks, some have been fictional books, but we more recently have tried to recommend some business books that really are worth the read. We will be writing a lot more about business topics in the future, but now that you are back to […]

Top 5 Mirrorless Cameras for Bloggers

Today we have gathered up the top 5 mirrorless cameras for bloggers. A couple years ago I posted the Camera Essentials for Bloggers, and opened up my camera bag to show you what I shoot with. Many of you commented that, while my cameras were amazing, they were just a bit out of your price […]

The Mint Julep with a Twist

The Mint Julep: A Derby Day Cocktail wit Peaches | The Fresh Exchange

With the Kentucky Derby going on this weekend, Megan and I wanted to share our special Mint Julep recipe with all of you. We met at school in Kentucky and our first official date was to a horse race at Keeneland in Lexington. We don’t keep up with horse racing at all, but for two minutes […]

The Easiest Ikea IVAR Cabinet Hack

DIY Ikea Kitchen Cabinet | The Fresh Exchange

Easily convert the Ikea IVAR Cabinet into a beautiful floating modern cabinet to use in any space in your home. Use them to create additional storage options or even a desk with this simple DIY Ikea Hack. From the day we purchased our home, we have been trying to figure out what to do with the […]

Monday Words: Content in the Journey

Monday Words: Content in the Journey | The Fresh Exchange

In this first month of being new parents, it feels like we are constantly trying to keep it together. It being the dishes, a clean diaper, an empty inbox, and a 3-hour block of uninterrupted sleep, etc. As many of you parents know, this first month, or two, or three are a marathon. You don’t […]

The Journey to becoming a dad

Journey to Becoming a Dad | The Fresh Exchange

There aren’t many major life choices that give you an opt-in or opt-out. You don’t get to pick your birthday, your parents, or your age. You just have to go with life and enjoy the moment you are in. The one exception is becoming a parent. Sure, unplanned pregnancies happen, but for many of us […]

More Than Ordinary: Natural Deodorants

More Than Ordinary: Natural Deodorants | The Fresh Exchange

image via CM Studio Over the last couple of years, we have slowly been replacing our traditional body care products with as many all natural products as possible. Deodorant has probably been the most difficult skin care product to go natural with. We aren’t ready to go completely without deodorant yet, that is still too […]

Great Workout Gear for Men 2016

Great Workout Gear for Men | The Fresh Exchange

This week, it is my turn to pick out some of my favorite workout gear. If you missed Megan’s picks for the ladies, check it out. While she is entering into her 36th week, I have been hard at work preparing the house, finishing remaining design projects, and working hard at the gym. The way I […]

Creating a Fall Gathering with Bota Box

Fall Gathering with Bota Box | The Fresh Exchange

As the days have become shorter, cooler, and many times rainier, it has become very clear that fall is in full swing. I have always been a fan of seasons for many reasons, but the main one is that each season contains rituals and specific routines in life. Fall for us has always meant cozy […]

How to make Bulletproof Coffee

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

If you have heard of bulletproof coffee, upgraded coffee, butter coffee, etc… you know there are many ways to make a cup but the base is always quality coffee, grassfed butter, and liquid MCT coconut oil. If you haven’t ever heard of bulletproof coffee you might be wondering why in the world anyone would make up […]

2015 Mille Mitten

2015 Mille Mitten | The Fresh Exchange

This is the second year we have joined the 1000 mile road rally around the state of Michigan called the Mille Mitten, put on by Ben Bator & Matt Ferrel with a ton of support from Christopher Burcham. If you didn’t see our day of posts from last year check them out, along with the feature in […]

Food Photography Basics

Food Photography Basics | The Fresh Exchange 5

I am going to give you one of the first photography lessons I give anyone who asks, “How do I make my photos better?” Which usually means, “How do I make my Instagram images better?” This really means, “How do I make the photos of the food I post on Instagram look better?” Which I […]

How To Make: Pour Over Coffee

How to Make: Pourover Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

For years I have loved coffee, and have even taught a hand full of people how to grind and brew their own coffee, but I have never posted a how to brew guide. My reason being there are just so many excellent technical brewing guides online: One Village Coffee, Stumptown Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, Counter Culture. […]

Our Studio – The Build

Building Our Studio | The Fresh Exchange

From the moment Megan and I decided to go down this wild journey of entrepreneurship, we have been dreaming of a space totally devoted to creating. For 5 years the dream of what could be, was only that, a dream. Until we bought our home this last fall. We talked a bit about our home buying process, but […]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Tax Season

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Tax Season | The Fresh Exchange

When Megan first began the design studio on her own in 2009, one of the best things we did was to hire an accountant who could help us organize our business and make sure we filed our taxes correctly. I cannot stress how important this is for anyone trying to make a go at the world of […]

Our Work: One Village Coffee

Wild Measure Work : One Village Coffee | The Fresh Exchange

We haven’t shared a lot of our work in the past, but looking into 2015 our goal is to open up about the process. Today, we are going to show you our latest brand build, One Village Coffee. They are based just outside Philadelphia and are literally one of the most ethically driven companies I […]

The Grit and the Beauty

For good reason, it’s been a while since I have written a blog post. I haven’t had a free moment to write, and honestly, it doesn’t come to me as naturally as it does for Megan. Most of the time, my work on the blog is behind the scenes, either with a camera or when […]

Mille Mitten – Day 3

Day 3 – East Twin Lake > Lewiston > Huron National Forest > East Tawas > Midtown Detroit Thank you Ben & Matt for putting this wildness together. This was a trip of growth, new sites, and new friends. Thanks for following along with us. – Mike  

Mille Mitten – Day 2

Day 2 – Traverse City > Walloon Lake > Harbor Springs > Sturgeon Bay (Secret Beach) > East Twin Lake