Back in the Office

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image via: me and my iPhone

Today I am officially back plugging away at work. When you leave your office for such a long time it always feels good to get back into it. I am not sure if there are ways to explain it but it’s like coming back home. I missed my little corner at the house where I can create and work on what I love doing so much. 

This week is jam packed with catching up with projects. I am creating some new pieces for some past clients like Dan Stewart Photography, Leah Mullett Photography, and Weber Photography. I am also prepping for Blog Brunch on Saturday getting graphics ready for all you to enjoy. Then once I haul through some of those things I will be printing and perfecting my new line of prints that I plan to release next week at my Etsy Shop…Oh yeah just in time for Christmas!!! Finally I am designing new business cards for Blog Brunch, The Fresh Exchange, and Hitch to prep for Alt Summit. This weekend I hope to pull together my idea for Hitch Christmas cards as well to all my lovely and fun clients and partners in crime. 

What is on your plate this week? Doesn’t it always feel like a huge mountain of work when you return from travel? Good thing I love what I do and it’s pretty chilly outside so I am pretty okay sitting wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of tea and my computer listening to some good jams. 

I will be back tomorrow with the regular programmed posts like Megan Fancies and other fave posts. 

Cheers my friends!


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