Back To School Style

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I know many of you probably aren’t going back to school and some of you may be but let’s face it Fall is always a good time to add a new spice to your wardrobe. 

Fall is about the layers and that is why I love it. I love the ability to add textures and colors and wear three pieces on one day just for your top. In college I was loved wearing my retailored plaid shirts with a gray hoodie and green chunky sweater paired with my favorite dark wash jeans, sperry’s, and ooo yeah my messy just rolled out of bed hair with my geek glasses. I never bought clothes when I headed off to college because I didn’t care too much (also shopping was better there than it was at home). 

Now that I am out of school and realize that your employer and clients don’t want you dressing like you just rolled out of bed and old plaid shirts (even though they are cool right now). Instead they want the polished with a little edge. They want us to look like just maybe we thought about what we wore this morning. 

So even if you aren’t going back to school let’s just say it’s Back to Fall instead and find some new pieces to spice up your summer closet that will help you bridge the gap from one hot summer to a beautiful perfect fall and eventually into the cool months of winter. That is what Fall clothes are all about. 

I am a big fan of a few pieces for fall:

1. shoes that breathe
2. a good pair of jeans
3. a classic blazer
4. fun cardigans
5. fall colored jewelry (gold, orange, yellows, dark grey…so on)
6. Textured tops

So I chose some pieces from below that are available right now in fall lines that can work for almost anyone to help bring your wardrobe into Fall this year. 


Want it? Get it here: 1. Classic Schoolboy Blazer: Jcrew 2. Golden Hibiscus Earrings: Ruche 3. Chocolate Chiffon Top: Ruche 4. Striped Collapsable Purse: Ruche 5. Tan Wood Heal Shoe: Modcloth 6. Gold Goddess Headband: Anthropologie 7. Curried Heels: Anthropologie 8. Dimpled Cardigan: Anthropologie 9. Fiesta Flats: Anthropologie 10. Ha’Penny Cardigan: Anthropologie 10. Terrace House Jacket: Anthropologie 11. Akela Necklace: Anthropologie 12. Perfect Skippers Necklace in Red: Anthropologie 13. Bouquet Top: Forever 21 14. Chambray Boyfriend Button Down: Forever 21 15. Cowgirl Boots: Forever 21 16. Embroidered Top: Forever 21 17. Sailor T with a Twist: Gap 18. Racerback Cami: Piperlime 19. Necklace Cami: Urban Outfitters 20. Tom’s Classics: Toms Shoes 21. Leah Dress: Piperlime 22. Skinny Dark Wash Jeans: Blank Denim

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