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To put it lightly Hitch has been busy making some changes over here at the office not only did I completely rearrange our house this afternoon but I also have decided to recover every pillow in our house. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I like change what can I say haha. 

So in light of some change I thought I would let you all know that my super awesome and stylish designer husband will be joining us here on The Fresh Exchange. I thought bringing on a guy to do guy talks once or twice a week could be super fun for all of us. He and I are for sure male and female versions of each other and have the same taste in many things. He may be a little more Modern in his approach and he does look at many different things than I do but he does know what he is talking about when it comes to design, fashion, interiors, and imagery. 

So in order to bring him on and introduce him properly to all of you I have come up with some questions he to answer. HEHE this is going to be fun. 
But first let me tell you that Mike is a gifted designer and I know I am bias but as another designer I am telling the truth. He is an eye for line and color like I see everyday come through my reader. He strives to be ahead of the curve and push himself all the time. He is also a great photographer and works alongside Cory Weber Photography that I have featured on here multiple times and I think he may possibly be just as good at photography as he is as a designer. So without further ado lets drill him with some questions:

1. What inspires you most?
Other Creatives inspire me more than anything else. I love collaboration and critique. Most of my visual inspiration comes from Architecture, Fashion  Interior Design, and World Cultures. Then of coarse I look at top designers work and I read A LOT.

2. When would you say you realized you could truly be a designer?
In first grade, I did a western painting for the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo. In Houston, that’s the biggest art contest for kids in the city. Well without thinking I had done anything special, I won first place, for 1st graders, for the whole stinkin city. When I was given the award I realized I was different, and it was totally natural. Since then I have come to embrace the way I think and see the world and put it into my work.

3. What do you think you are going to be contributing to the blog every week?
I am a man, and love manly things. Therefore I hope to give cookie recipes and dinner party decorating ideas… jk that will be my wife. I hope to give some ideas for guys gifts, guys trips, guys fashion, and guys stuff. I hope to give some male balance to the blog.

4. What are some of your favorite publications right now?
 Magazines: Men’s Fitness, GQ (fashion and political articles, are top notch), Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, Gun and Garden, Texas Monthly.
Radio: NPR’s This American Life, NPR’s Radio Lab
Authors: Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, and CS Lewis

5. What websites are currently your Top Sites in Safari?

6. What inspire your personal style?
 I try to keep it classic. I love quality goods, and timeless fashion. So I look at what has worked. I love the functionality of 60’s New York men’s fashion paired with a lumberjack who hasn’t seen a woman in years. Its day to day with me.< /span>

7. Who are your favorite musical artists currently?
Bluegrass/Folk: Fleet Foxes
Indie: Vampire Weekend
Blues: Black Keys
Electronica: Discovery
Country: Zack Brown Band

8. If you went out for dinner tonight where would you go anywhere in the world and what would you order?
  Without a doubt, I would go to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas and order a pound of chopped brisket on white bread.

9. What designers and artists are currently inspiring you?
  Megan Gilger. Then, follow a couple classmates of mine at North Texas, Ben Barry, Justin Pocta, and Chris King. On the national level I follow, The husband and wife team at Eight Hour Day, Jessica Hische, Frank Chimero, Teehan + Lax, and of coarse Sagmister.

10. Finally your favorite thing about Megan…sorry had to sneak that in there!
She’s always creating and up for an adventure. Oh and she’s mucho cute.

Look for Mike’s upcoming posts and bringing a little Manliness to The Fresh Exchange from here on out. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Cool! I like the link Haven't come across that site yet… reminds me a lot of the sites.

  2. You can take the Man out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the Man…Texas Monthly, Salt Lick, Country Music, etc. Man I miss you 2! I'm so excited for this.

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