Bring on 2012

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This year has been amazing to say the least. 2011 treated me really well and I am honestly a little sad to end the year even though I know there are some exciting things on the horizon. For me this year proved to be one of the most pivotal year for me personally, for my business, and for my creative life. 

I began the year not really knowing what I wanted for myself. Part of me wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on becoming a blogger or where my business was going. But soon after the beginning of the year, right around my birthday (January 17th) I made the decision to go head first into every opportunity I had and to honestly follow my heart. There were various personal situations in life that had me think about the power of making things happen for yourself and the importance of being able to call your shots in your work. I knew I wanted to live life fully, take on everything possible, and build something I was really proud of. I had no idea what that still looks like but 2011 has began to make all of it clearer. When I began this year all I knew was I wanted to work hard, focus on what I was passionate about, and to truly be nice to others. 

Now looking back I feel this year was successful on many levels. My year of being 24 has been everything and more to me. I learned a lot about who I am as a designer, individual, and a business owner. It has defined many parts of life in ways I never expected and in the best way. Through this year Mike and I have made some of the best friends and I feel honored to be in many of their lives. 

Choosing to make the blog into something was a big decision which lead me into beginning an online store that will open after my return from Salt Lake City (end of January). It began an amazing friendship and partnership with Katie to create Blog Brunch and I took on some fun and creative clients that totally brightened my life in so many ways. I learned a ton about owning a business and what that all means from the good parts to the bad parts. 

So what does 2012 hold?! Just to give you a little peak into what is happening in the coming months. 

1. The Fresh Exchange will finally be getting its facelift during the first part of January. Yeah that’s right! Get ready for even more freshness around these parts. I cannot wait to have a truly custom site!

2. Heading out to Alt ( can you tell how excited I am? I am now dreaming of all the fun that is about to be had). This has been a goal to go since last year when I discovered it.

3. Opening of the Hitch Print Shop. I have not wanted to rush into this but I am getting really excited to open the doors and tell you all all about it. 

4. 2012 holds some of the most exciting clients: an upcycle clothing company, a folk/pop musician, a couple custom wedding invitations, and  some close photographer friends who are ready to take their business to another level. These are the kinds of clients a girl like me dreams about. 

5. Finally! Blog Brunch is going offline. Yeah that’s right we are coming to you guys. This has been Katie and I’s dream all along so we are beginning in some big cities this coming summer if all goes as planned. We cannot wait to meet you guys face to face and clink some champagne glasses in person!

Yeah it’s going to be a busy year to say the least but after how wonderful 2011 has been I am feeling 2012 will be very similar if not better. Not to mention this is the year I turn 25. A birthday post will be coming right before heading out to Alt to tell you all the things I hope to accomplish before I am 26. 

What are your goals this year? Did 2011 treat you well or are you ready to move into 2012? Anything you wish you had done more of. 


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