Chair Dreams

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I have been crazy in love with this chair ever since I came across it reading the most recent issue of Rue Magazine, which by the way if you are not reading it make the change and follow them on twitter, facebook, and their blog. Great stuff from fashion to interiors to some pretty hip creative people involved. Always am inspired by what those ladies put together every month. 
So back to chairs…I could be obsessed with some very expensive gorgeous piece like this, but with Mike and I being at a place in life where our space is by no means permanent I am always looking for things that will transition from space to space without breaking the bank. I want to wait till our space is permanent for a few years than I will be more comfortable purchasing a $3,000 sectional that is perfect in every way…till then I am priding myself in living in a place where their are unbelievable antique and resale shops where I should be able to find some a unique piece that Emily Henderson herself would call a treasure I am hoping. 
What I love about this chair is the smooth clean shape of the profile of the chair. It feels perfectly balanced to me. The other thing I love is how transitional it can be the cushions can easily change and pattern and texture to fit anyone’s space. I do not mind finding a piece that does not even have the cushions and I have to make them. I feel this will bring in the aesthetic the hubs and I have been striving for when we move into our larger space. 
So as I hunt I will keep you all updated don’t you worry!! I live for hunting for treasures if you didn’t already know that. 
Happy Tuesday my friends I am in a meeting most of the day today with the Simple Blue Weddings team before leaving on vaca Thursday can you tell I am excited?!

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