Chicago in Motion

We had a very crazy morning, but in the best way. We expected to be in Montreal by now but instead traded in our seats for a direct red eye and got some vouchers in the process. So now we are sitting in Chicago waiting to board. Thankfully there is this amazing tunnel of color and large amounts of people that we ended up spending an hour or so photographing and making this animation above. Then we had the wonderful surprise of running in to our travel buddies Mae and Bryan.

There is something about the motion of travel in an airport that seems slightly calming and exhilirating, don’t you think? To me this image explains those exact feelings of how beautiful travel is.

See you all in the morning. I hope to wake you with photos of the Eiffel Tower and a cute cafe.


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12 Responses

  1. your gif perfectly captures the moment of travel where you can take a moment and look around to everyone moving with such frentic energy. can be frustrating or exhilarating depending on your own experience at the time. πŸ™‚

  2. Love this. O’Hare has always been strangely comforting to me, seems like it’s always the same, always in motion. We got in from a (delayed) flight at 3:30 am the other month, and it was the same motion.

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