Christmas and Snow

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The last few days have been crazy in Northern Michigan. We went from having no snow and 50 to in some places more than 18- 20 inches. Our yard is white and fluffy with snow and we have been honestly loving every minute. Some would think we are crazy but life is an adventure when there is snow to move twice a day and everywhere you go you feel like you are venturing out in to the great beyond. Your coat becomes an extension of who you are and your shoe options decrease to strictly waterproof and warm options that at least reach your calves. No need for Gym memberships as you wake up everyday to 4-5 new inches to move out of a 12 x 12 area. 

To put it lightly we love the snow and that may change in a few months but we think it’s awesome at the moment. But with the snow comes the Christmas spirit for me and last night and the last few days have been fun with the snow showing up and preparing for Christmas so I thought I would show some pictures from the last few days that have been taken on my phone. 

Our Christmas decorations this year were limited by our space and funds. We have decided to help our church raise money to make a well in Haiti instead of purchasing Christmas ornaments and other things that come along with the holiday spirit. So we got creative with what we had in the house and in the yard (no we didn’t bring the snow inside!) but we found twigs to use for our tree and had a blast making things to hang on it and we built a snow man to liven our front porch for the holiday. I have to say I feel like that is what Christmas should be like but I also love a beautifully lit tree and presents and all of the rest of it so I am super guilty. 
Anyways, enjoy our decorations and snow images it’s been a ton over the last few days. 


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