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So I am really excited to share with you all a little project I have been doing with my good friends Bryan and Mae who will be married in September. We just got these to print today and I couldn’t wait to share them with you all. 
When I began Hitch I began doing invitations and stationery but more recently I am quietly taking invitation requests for close friends or for a bride and groom who really feel my designs fit their day…(just as a disclaimer. If you are interested don’t be afraid to email me but I am specific about the projects I am taking currently. As invitations is not my typical design choice) It is not something I set out to do or advertise at this time but when Bryan and Mae talked to me about it I couldn’t say no. 

Their wedding day is going to be the most beautiful celebration of love, friends, joy, and life and the only reason I know that is because I know them and that’s how they live life. They have so many amazing things planned that will speak of who they are. Everything is eclectic, hand made, and vintage inspired. They have been very specific about incorporating good friends and family into their day, which I always love to see. I love hearing of weddings like this so I just had to be apart of it and because I love these two! To say the least I felt pretty honored to be asked to help them out with such an important part of their day!

There are more plans for these invites but the plan is that they will be very long, fold in where the RSVP will tear off, and give their guests an idea of the day they are being asked to be apart of. 

We are doing our printing with Mama’s Sauce who we used for Bryan and Mae’s BC cards previously…see if you can find their cards on this post! Mr. Nick Sambrato (Click that link you won’t be disappointed…PS. he is a single man ladies) suggested we print 2 color screen print on French Paper‘s Muscletone. I have to plug at this point that if you are ever in need of a seriously quality print shop these guys are who you should call…no questions asked plus Mr. French really likes them. 

Once the piece is printed Mae is going to be wrapping fabric around the invite and sewing it to the paper and enclosing it all with a button. So when they are all complete you will definitely see more photos, which I cannot wait to share. 

If you have inquiries for work like this email me at hitchdesignstudio [at] or if you just have questions at all. I am a pretty open book. 

Cheers friends! Hope you are staying cool today! I know it’s a warm one today.  


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