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So I know I shared some recent work yesterday but I thought we would stay on a role as not to get behind in sharing things with you guys. I recently had the opportunity to work with a local production group that puts on killer events called Porterhouse Productions. If you live in Northern Michigan you have probably been to at least one of their events whether you knew it or not. 

Sam and Abby who own Porterhouse have impeccable taste and know how to grow a community and engage with people through art, music, food, and great drinks. They believe in the arts and know how vital it is to create a healthy and strong community of people. So I feel pretty lucky to be working with these guys. 

They really wanted me to get creative and have some fun so I did just that. I created 80% of this by hand. The logo was Abby’s design and I really wanted to make sure it all tied in with her original feeling of the brand of the festival. It was fun to play with and explore a part of my creativity that most of my clients really cannot let me go into because their brand does not fit, which is okay. I try to find projects that allow for creative freedom from time to time to help push me and let out the things that I have been wanting to do so that when I have clients who need something specific I do not bring that creative craziness to the table. Instead I can bring to them what they need and give them the most efficient process, rather than muddling through this artsy crazy side of me. Make sense?

I have a hard time placing my work out there but I have been telling myself it is important. I really am excited about the next few projects I have with them which I will share if they are pieces I can. 

Also here is my one plug! If you live in the area OR are visiting make sure to pick up tickets this is going to be some rad food, music, and drink. So don’t miss it! You can buy tickets here.

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