DIY for the Holiday: Blinging Ornaments

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I know this late and forgive me PLEASE but this post took much longer today than I ever expected along side work. I wanted to make sure I had adequate examples and I thought these would be fun to give to some friends as well. 

So for our very first Holiday DIY I wanted to show that making unique and fun ornaments can be very easy and not too complicated. So pop in your favorite movie and get ready for a good evening to creating some great gifts or ornaments for your tree this year. 

What will you need:



– An assortment of beads, feathers, twine, or any other items you think can create great textures.
– Foam ball of any size you think would look good. You can also choose other shapes as well
– Some string or twine to create a hook to hang it on the tree with. 
– Sort of tacky glue or a glue gun like the ones at Glue Guns Direct and glue gun sticks.
– scissors

Making your ornaments:
1. begin at a tip of the ball glueing your beads or feathers. With the beads it is easiest to begin with a striped pattern and the feathers create a natural organic movement to them. 

2. be patient and be creative your ornaments

3. As you approach the other side of the ball attach the twine or string as a loop shape big enough to hang on a tree branch

4. finish placing the rest of the beads or feathers or over the place where the loop has been securely attached. This will help hold it place.

5. Let it dry and then hang



You should end up with some very cool fun ornaments that will make great presents or accents to your tree. This has en
dless amount of options for creativity. I would love to see some of your own ornaments you make!

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