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Lately I have been dreaming about the next stage of The Fresh Exchange. Upon asking for your thoughts in our survey months back, I have been working through a redesign and taking notes of where things need to move in 2014. Currently, I am dreaming up what posts need more of, what needs to disappear, what to bring back, and what I am dying to explore. I love this space so much and each of you. So I take these decisions pretty seriously. I finally feel it is time for the next stage.

Any thoughts below will be so welcomed! I am dreaming wilder, dreaming bigger, and dreaming up more ideas than ever. I am excited to spend more time in this space in 2014. So ready to let out so many of the ideas I have been holding on to the past 6 months.

The images above are from (from left to right, top to bottom): style, sketch, haircut, leaves, hand lettering, sailboat, bedroom, canoeing, street style

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19 Responses

  1. Really enjoy all that you post! I love the travel stories & photographs as well as the honest stories of working HARD from both you and other Wild Measure type people. I love your images but wish I could see the whole image at once on my screen (I’m on a 15 in)- would love to see them in whole.

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