Eggtastic Competition

Who doesn’t love a good quality competition? I have always been a little bit competitive…okay more than a little… As I played college soccer and always wanted to beat my brother in mario kart growing up. Now you also know I am a total geek. 

So when I came across the 4th annual Egg Color Contest with Hatch Design. There is nothing better than seeing egg humor other than maybe cat humor. If I had a minute I think I would take the time to enter this but I am really in love with some of the designs people are coming up with. I cannot even rate them well because I am can’t pick a favorite. So I rated 5’s on all the above. The cracked one makes me laugh every time. 

So head on over and check out the competition. Enter one if you get the urge and let me know I would love to vote for you but if you aren’t feeling creative definitely go and tell the world who rocks and who doesn’t so the just egg wins. 

Oh and lastly make sure to check out Hatch. Their work is amazing and I am sure you have seen it before whether at the grocery store and on your daily commute. Wonderful work!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday! My head is hurting from the day…till tomorrow!

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