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I know I don’t normally post inspiration like this on Fridays but I watched this video last night and had to share it as soon as I could with you. I have wanted to share JohnPaul’s video work and his blog for some time with you all but I was waiting till I couldn’t take it anymore and after watching this video I knew I couldn’t hide him any longer. JohnPaul is a good friend and someone that you meet and you know right away they will go far. He is an inspirational dreamer and a real artist. He is also possibly one of the most genuine and nice people you may ever meet in your life. 

I have collaborated with JohnPaul on a few projects for clients and have been so happy with his work and dedication to quality. Every time he knocks it out of the park and then will thank you again for the chance to work with you in the most genuine way. I love working with people like that. 

The reason for sharing this video in particular is because I really dig the drawings and the type in this piece of his. He partnered with his friend Jacob Bullard, who is a talented musician in the area…so check his stuff out! All of that together with the shots of Leelanau County here in Northern Michigan just make for one beautiful piece of work that I feel is a perfect way to begin the day. 

I hope you all enjoy. Make sure to give them some love 🙂 Happy Friday friends! 

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