Elle Fanning

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This Holiday was wonderful. I cooked my first big holiday meal, which I will tell you very humbly it was a total success. I plan to share more tomorrow.

Today I spent shopping the bargains mostly to get my wardrobe ready for Alt Design Summit in less a month. Yeah that’s right I am headed out to Salt Lake for a week over my Birthday to hang out with some of the coolest bloggers and designers. I am so pumped and slightly nervous but I get to chill with my girls Katie and Amy while we are all out there so I feel a little more chill about it than I probably would have if I were going by myself. There is a lot coming up which I will share more about in the next few days but I had to tell you about my new obsession. 

Elle Fanning. I watched Super 8 this weekend and it was really great. It was everything I loved about E.T. and the Goonies growing up but more. I mean you put J.J. Abrams and Spielberg in the same room you only know it’s going to be awesome. I honestly am not your typical girl when it comes to movies. Yes from time to time I have a complete soft spot for movies like Pride & Prejudice and such but honestly I love a good laugh, a good thought provocar, or something where there is a good hero. So Super 8 was totally up my alley to say the least. If you have not seen it do yourself a favor and do. It is fun, beautiful, and a great story. But Elle really shined to me in this and with all the wonderful spreads of her floating around she has kind of become an it girl these days. Her hair rocks, her style is great, and she seems like a total blast to be around. To place the cherry on top, she is an amazing actress. So check it out next time you want a good movie to fill your evening. With a good cup of tea it won’t be a disappointment. I promise!

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