Etsy Spotlight: Deadweight


I have to say I really enjoy putting together these posts every week because I love finding new talent and fun things that are on Etsy. So when I came across the work of Deadweight a few months ago I felt I had found another treasure. There is nothing like a designer who has given themselves creative license with their work and that is just what Deadweight’s Sandi Falcon has done with her shop. This is an opportunity for her to explore skewed type, funky patterns, and tired looking people as she says in her bio.


All the printing is done by her at home in her very own printing “dungeon” as she puts it. What a dream for a designer? I love her humor and the vintage vibed patterns make my soul so happy. These are perfect for the collection of stationery you keep on hand or even just for fun. Who says you couldn’t buy one and frame it, right?
So make sure to check out the shop of Deadweight, the Deadweight website, the blog, and follow Sandi on twitter. You want to make sure you keep up with all of her new creative ventures.

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