Etsy Spotlight: Le Voyage Creatif

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Every month when I am planning this column I come across some of the most creative individuals. It is always hard to choose who to feature, but when I discovered Le Voyage Creatif through Etsy‘s shop suggestions I dropped the her in at the top of the list for this month. I was obsessed with everything this stylish lady was doing with her shop. Also I have a thing for her home, Norway, ever since working at the Olympics in 2008 and meeting such beautiful and friendly Norwegian people at the games. Some of my favorite bus trips were those I found myself sitting next to people from Norway, Holland, and Denmark. They were all so kind, open, and especially stylish people. It made me dream of traveling through those countries. Needless to say everything about this store was inspiring to me. 

She began creating her simple and natural pieces from a need for easy to travel with accessories. Beginning with leather and wood beads, each piece is inspired by nature as you can see on her shop front.  Each necklace is paired with a photo that depicts the natural setting that the necklace derives from. I love seeing the inspiration behind pieces like this and I feel that it adds a deeper sense of aesthetic when I understand where the inspiration has come from. 

Then as you continue through her photos you are greeted by all the adorable pairings of outfits. It totally sells me on thinking I have to have one of these simple but yet gorgeous pieces of craftsmenship. I mean one of these with a chambray shirt? It makes my heart beat faster! 

If all that wasn’t enough to sell you on how awesome Le Voyage Creatif is you will have to see her blog that documents her life and travels and you have a whole other reason to be even more smitten. So make sure to check it out after you hop over to her shop and add one of these pieces to your collection.  

Make sure to follow Le Voyage Creatif on Twitter and wander through her shop on Etsy as well. You won’t be disappointed. 


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