Etsy Spotlight: Leah Duncan

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For some time now I have been wanting to begin a new series where I feature some of my favorite Etsy shops. I felt that after months of slowly collecting my favorite of favorites I should put that list to use and share every week a different store. Not only is each store inspiring but also offers great opportunity for gift options as holidays begin to roll around in the next 6 months so hide some of these away for a rainy day!
I know a lot of people have said that over the last year Etsy has become over saturated with everyone who has some kind of craft they want to share with the community. Now granted I do not know how each of these stores does individually but I know that there are some that really should be recognized for their craft, originality, and true craftsmanship. I believe real creatives should always be celebrated and talked about so that is why I feel Leah Duncan is a great place for us to begin the series. 
Leah is from Austin, Texas, one of my favorite places we go when we visit the Lone Star State. I love how Leah describes herself on her store front on Etsy and wouldn’t want to adjust her intro of herself at all. It is sweet to the point and really helps place her work in perspective. 
As for her work, it is some of my favorite on Etsy and ranks in my top 5 favorite shops hands down. I love the whimsical doodling mixed with tribal markings all complimented by unique and fun color studies that are truly all her own. You can purchase everything from scarves, letter press prints, pillows, cards, tea towels, and more with her unique hand sketched designs. Probably my favorite part of her work is how she integrates pattern and texture into her pieces. It is wonderful and I plan to purchase some of her work for our new space once everything gets put right and I know what to add in where. 
So if you are looking for something fun and unique check out Leah’s shop but also don’t miss her personal site and blog as well to keep up on her and new products in her shop. 
Happy Tuesday my friends! 

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