Etsy Spotlight: Mary Kate McDevitt

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I am not sure what things are like where you are but today was one beautiful morning in Northern Michigan. I always love when I walk outside to turn the water on in the garden, while the eggs are sizzling on the stove, and the dew gets all over my feet. Not to mention that it always smells good in the morning…I wonder why that it is. I just love it! 

Anyways, on to our Etsy Spotlight today. I am clearly a big fan of hand lettering and other hand done pieces in a design. I believe it adds true originality since no one else can have your squiggle no matter how hard they try. Every one is unique and though fonts are wonderful they even the field of originality and Mary Kate’s work definitely shows that hand done is true art. Hand lettering and illustration has always been very fascinating to me and so when I came across her work I was instantly in love. 

Personally I love the Abe Lincoln quote print but it is hard to have a favorite when each piece is so unique and fun. These would make some great gifts for that someone who you think has everything. Who would be apposed to having some of this gorgeous lettering hanging on their walls? 

So head on over to her shop and get yourself one these prints, a set of stationery, recipe cards, or whatever else you may fancy of her’s. Then once you have done that follow her on twitter and check her blog out. 

Hope you have a wonderful day! I have a quick turn around job on my plate today, which means I can’t blog till it’s done….back later friends. 

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