Etsy Spotlight: The Blackbird Sings

This week’s Etsy spotlight is one I am excited to share. I have been following the work of The Blackbird Sings aka Natasha Newton for a while through Etsy. Hailing from the UK and according to her Etsy page currently in Paris. Her work can be found throughout the UK in various galleries but how lucky are we to be able to receive it through Etsy all the way over here?!

Her work is simple and to the point. The lines are almost so crisp it is hard to believe her pieces are painted. I always value that in an artist because when I paint I am all over the place. Her items range from perfect house warming gifts to a statement piece for your next decorating redo. 

Make sure you drop her blog in your reader and follow her on Twitter here and here

Happy Tuesday my dear friends!

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