Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall | The Fresh Exchange

I was sitting and trying to work on some projects I have to get out today and I was finding myself really loving some of the colors showing up this Fall. Sometimes you just need to pull things together in a round up and make some type to get the juices flowing.

These are a few things I saw while out wandering today and I really loved the colors, textures, and patterns that I saw. Are there certain things you have been inspired by as Fall begins to show up everywhere?

1. Ace and Jig Rosemary Dress
2. Stylemint Garnet Hat
3. Toast Storm Lantern
4. Need Supply Fringeship Scarf
5. Cereal Magazine
6. Sam Edelman Booties
7. Cage Necklace 
8. Rockland Backpack

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9 Responses

  1. Ok, so I am currently without my laptop that has all of my wonderful fonts on it and am replacing it hopefully on Sunday. With that said, I’m dying to get some new fonts to replace what I had on my other laptop! What is the name of the font you used for this post?! It’s darling!

    1. Hey Samantha! Congrats on the awesome new computer 🙂 I actually use almost strictly hand lettered type that I do for each post and this is just lettering I did on my own and it is not a font. I currently don’t have any fonts available. BUT if you are looking for some great fonts there are great sites…maybe I should do a post on that? Would that be of interest to share some of our favorite places for design resources?

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