Falling in love with the Gap

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In the recent economic downturn we saw the changes on the fronts of a lot of stores whether it be a closed sign or a complete rebrand. Now Gap did not completely rebrand but they more or less went back to it’s roots, which I thought was one of the most brilliant decisions on their part.


Gap began their 1969 campaign and their design and style reached a whole new level of greatness. I have always been a pretty classic girl in a lot of respects and grew up on their clothes. I always had some piece on my body that came from them. It just never failed, but for a long time I stopped wearing it because it just was not the kind of style it had been in the earlier years I had been introduced to Gap.

Now they are challenging the fashion industry and following as well as starting new trends. They once again provide an affordable option for style and I love knowing I can find a fun unique piece there so easily. If only we had one in Traverse City life might be a little better. So I just had to share some of the styles from their lookbook for the Fall.

Please take note of the amazing shoes each of them are wearing. I think what I love about this year’s style is the combination of tomboy and girly that has come together. The high heels with structured pieces is just wonderful in so many ways.

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