Finishing Our Basement Bedroom with BEHR® Paint


Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

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We have been spending the last almost 3 years working on designing our home, watching it be built, moving into it, and now we have been spending time doing little projects here and there to begin to make our house feel like a true home for us. Though we still have some small decor projects and more in the works for the rest of our home, we had wanted to finish off our basement since the day we moved in. It was concrete floors with just raw drywall full of stored items from when we moved in. For the last almost 9 months of living in our home those boxes and rooms down there felt like just potential spaces for us. So, since June we have been slowly making our lower level begin to feel more like a finished space. The first room on the list was the spare room we had planned on having for additional guests, so they had plenty of space to relax when they came to visit.

When we started this space this room literally was just the dusty raw construction concrete and the raw drywall and nothing more. We didn’t even have outlet covers or trim in the space. So when Behr asked if we would be willing to tackle a space in our house together, Mike and I knew we would love to finish at least one of our spaces off in the lower level right away. Over the course of the last few weeks we have laid flooring, trimmed, and painted this entire space. Then we finally put the final touches on it with decor that would allow our guests the perfect room relax whether in the heat of summer or the cool of a blustery winter day. Thanks to Behr and their Behr Marquee® Interior Paint & Primer in One the project was extremely simple to tackle on our own.

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

My inspiration for the space all stemmed from their 2019 Color Trends, which you can find here. The color already naturally flowed into the rest of our spaces, so it made it easy. I also loved having the challenge of adding some pops of color with their Color of the Year, which we used on our side tables in the space. As someone who doesn’t add a lot of color, it was a wonderful push I needed to try something new in a way that wasn’t as big as painting a whole room.

The other challenge we had with the space was that it has only one source of natural light and the ceilings are lower since it is a basement. So, we decided to create a color blocked wall. Breaking up the wall makes the room feel taller. I loved the Blue Metal color from Behr and would have gone for painting the whole room, but I knew that it would make the room feel even darker than it already was especially on gray days in the middle of the winter. So I added Cotton Grey to the upper walls to bring a nice warmth and contrast into the room. The built in shelves and lower half of the walls painted Blue Metal along with Cotton Grey above really created a luxury hotel feeling to the room.

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

Before we painted though I wanted to make sure the colors were right for the room, so I picked up swatches and then later purchased a few samples from Home Depot. I painted them on the walls and let them sit for a few days to see how they looked in various light. Ultimately, I felt good about the selections and also decided that Blueprint, the Color of the Year, would make a perfect accent color in the room. The combos of blacks and blues with the warm tones takes a potentially cold feeling space to a vibrant and exciting room while still feeling neutral and calm.

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

I find that basements typically are odd spaces in a home. For instance, everything down here really was influenced by how we ran our utilities through the space. Since most of the house is so open our wall space was limited to run our air ducts, water, etc so our spaces down here had to shift accordingly. As a result, we didn’t get a proper closet in the space or much storage so adding the bookshelf which my dad trimmed out for us (thank you dad!) and adding a moveable clothing rack made is perfect for guests to have enough space to store things while they were visiting. The bathroom in this space also has additional storage, but I think it is nice when guests can have a space to hang shirts and things while staying.

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

What I love most about this space is that it doesn’t feel like you are in a basement. By adding simple touches such as new flooring, built-in shelving, and then the gorgeous colors from Behr we were able to take a very unfinished and unwelcoming space into something that feels really beautiful and cozy for guests. It is amazing how just such simple updates in a space can make such an impact. Though this was quite the project to finish from laying flooring to the trimming to the painting and finally the decorating, it really came together better than I had originally envisioned. It will be the perfect place to host family during Thanksgiving this year.

Creating a beautiful and stylish Basement Bedroom isn't easy. See how we did it with BEHR®

In order to help you guys update your spaces this fall, Behr is offering to give one of our followers a chance to win a $100 gift card to The Home Depot to purchase paint for their updates. You can find all their latest Color Trends color and ideas here: Behr 2019 Color Trends to inspire your project. I am so excited to give you guys a chance to get something done in your home you have been dreaming of.

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Excited to hear what colors you would do in your room. It is always fun to see a space in your home transform!



All sources for the room can be found here:

Lower Wall Color: Blue Metal from BEHR®  | Upper wall and trim color: Cotton Grey from BEHR®  | Paint on Side Tables: Blueprint from BEHR® | Pottery is all collected from travels in the room | Rocks are collected from travels | Lamps from Target | Light Pink Bed linens from In Bed Store |  Dark Pink Bed Linens from Target  |  Woven Pillows from Target |  Velvet Pillow from Target |  Art on Shelf From Spencer McQueen  | Terracotta Pot from Target  |  Basket from World Market | Stool from Target | Clothing Rack from Amazon   Flooring from The Home Depot | Mattress from Tuft and Needle |  Bed frame from West Elm | Rug from ECarpet Gallery (no longer available – similar here) | Quilt on Bed from Target | Lambskin Rug from Farmhouse Pottery

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9 Responses

  1. I would suggest that You
    Turn the books on the SHELFesAround so that your guests Can see the titles.
    Room looks great!

    1. I did it only for the shoot because the bindings were too colorful. They are turned around now. Many people do this just to have neutral tones on the shelf when shooting. 🙂

  2. Love the room! It really does look like a calm hotel room and not a basement!
    Can you do a quivk insta tutorial of how you made the bed so that all the linenS would show? Ive been staring at it for minutes and cant seem to get it!

    1. Hehe I never thought about that. I learned to make beds from my grandmother. Her house constantly looked like a page out of a Martha Stewart of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine in the early 2000’s. Basically what you do is you put down the flat sheet with the seam (show face) down. You put on the duvet. Then you fold the flat sheet back over. THen you tuck everything all the way around and just fold on the corners so they are smooth. For the quilt it is simply folded and tucked on the sizes. I hope that helps. 🙂

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