Flowers and Bubble Gum

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This is a very random inspiration board of some various images I have loved on Pinterest in the past few weeks but I felt it was fun and really explained colorful excitement I have for jumping on a plane today. 

I am not sure if you all feel this way but I love LOVE to fly. I love the idea you can jump on a flight and get there within a day…ANYWHERE! Isn’t that an awesome thought? So I am feeling all giddy like I always do. 

The other thing is every time we fly I am reminded how much I love what I do. I can fit everything I need to work and be creative in one bag, which is insane. I love I can stuff it all in my cute tweed bag and go and never have to stop working. But this time I am just going to be blogging while we are gone. I want some R&R; from work work so I can move on some of my big ideas I have for upcoming projects. I am taking my sketch book for the plane and spending the flight doodling all my ideas. 

There are a lot of ideas I have all the time and I never write them down or do anything about them and I am tired of keeping them in my head and ready to make the really good ones become a reality. I am ready to start moving where I am dreaming of and it involves blogging, collaborations, personal projects, and some crazy creative ideas. Can you tell I am excited?!?!

Okay off to finish packing and heading out on a jet plane friends! Happy Tuesday!

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