Foggy Day Wedding

I am not sure about you but I love those mornings you wake up and the fog is beautifully thick, almost like you are in the middle of a cloud. It always has this eery but mysterious feeling to being outside. The colors the fog creates is probably the best part of those days. It is as if each color in the scene around you has almost been slightly smoked screen or been turned into a water color. 

That being said, when I saw this wedding on Style Me Pretty a few weeks back I was totally in love. These photos are beautiful and the setting for the wedding is unbelievable. This makes me want to go to the British Columbia coast and soak in the sea breeze while wandering the shores bare foot. The whole thing just made me breathe deeper a little, like a breath of fresh air came over me or something. Wonderful just pure wonderful!

Check out more of the wedding: Vancouver Wedding

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