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This 4th of July was not normal or traditional by any means, but that never means it is a bad thing. As much as I am a sap and nostalgic about the 4th, spent with my big family dressed in their 4th best, grilling burgers, drinking a stiff drink, and making beer coozies look classy. I know life changes and some things never stay the way they used to. New adventures are always good or at least I tell myself that. This year instead of heading even further north to Harbor Springs like we have done 90% of my life we spent the weekend in a more relaxed lazy way along the Peninsula. We fit a lot in but most revolved around open water, good food, fruity drinks, and getting kissed by the sun. 

It felt good to be so relaxed considering last year at this time we were tying up all the little details of our wedding that was only a week or so later. This means our anniversary is coming up!!! WHAT?! A whole year ALREADY?! Anyways let’s continue the story…


We went down to Grand Rapids area on Saturday evening to help my parents with their new transition in life. We then headed back with them to TC to do one thing, jump on the sailboat. We spent Sunday evening cruising around Suttons Bay drinking Pina Coladas out of Ball jars and soaking in the beauty of the fresh bright blue water. Anyone who has seen Lake Michigan or any of the water around this area will understand that once you have experienced it it’s almost like a drug, you want more of it. It’s almost too much how perfect it is and I realize I am biased and that you each have that special place you love like this. I would love to know about them because I love pretty places 🙂

After the boat we spent the evening back with my parents watching fireworks over Long Lake by our house and enjoyed dipping our toes in the water while watching the sunset and the show in the sky. It was the perfect end to a long but wonderful day. 

On the day of the 4th we woke up early, got a good work out in, and then piled in the car to head out with my family and other friends to kayak the Platte River. This river feeds right into Lake Michigan and I wish I had more photos to show you but I was afraid to take my phone with me because I am the type that the worst thing ALWAYS happens. But more or less it is all protected by the National Parks Association and it is this wide lazy river where you kayak long with fish playing under your kayak and there are no cars around. It is so quiet, serene, and beautiful. I think I would like to kayak like that at least once a week this summer. It was unbelievably fun. We got ahead of the group and ended up laying on the dunes at the mouth of the river by Lake Michigan. The water was just like a bath so we just sat and relaxed in the shallow part of the river and even made a sand castle like we were kids again.

Now I have to tell you that the water is CRYSTAL clear so when we are in the river we can see all the way to the bottom. I get freaked out in mirky water so if that tells you anything about how awesome this place is 🙂 I love little adventures like this and especially when it is within 20 minutes of the house and the best part is it doesn’t cost a dime! 

By this time we were really tired but we went watch the fireworks some friends and then called it a night. I am feeling a little groggy from the weekend but it was a blast. If I compared it to all my 4th’s spent in Harbor I would probably say I enjoy that more mostly because I miss my big fun and crazy family, but a moment is what you make of it and so when someday we all can get together again on a 4th this will be just fine till that time. Anytime spent in Northern Michigan during the summer is heaven so it is hard to ever be disappointed with that. 

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