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As it is on Fridays I am trying to to close up the week and finish projects so I am going to leave you with some beautiful shelf decor to help inspire you this weekend or in coming weekends with rearranging your shelfs, which is pretty much a favorite of mine of the weekends. Not to mention rearranging the house on a regular basis. But anyways, enjoy the weekend it is supposed to be 15 below tonight and very high winds…this means I will stay inside this Friday and go no where. I plan to plan Hitch’s changes and future tonight so hang in there as we will share more. Plan for some revanging and change of direction…aka the life of a small business owner under the age of 30 ha! 

Also to links for the weekend:
1. Head over and read my short post this week on Simply Blue Weddings
2. If you are not following the Young House Love blog…change it. It will make for good reading this weekend there whole blog is worth a few hours of reading their whole history. 

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