for the weekend

there are two things in life that I can completely have together and that is baking and ikea. 

I just spent an hour today laying in bed while eating mango sorbet and reading the new Ikea catalog haha yeah I know but it’s friday. haha. But I love there stuff its gorgeous and I feel the new catalog for the year incorporates some very cool ideas. They are have totally broadened from that clean modern look and offer so many great looks now that fit almost any style, which I love almost as much as the cowhide rug they have now…WOW want that!

Anyways, as you know I love clean lines, I love color, and I love food (well who doesn’t) so when I saw from Things Neatly Organized an image of ingredients that were perfectly put together with such great negative space creating lines and movement and texture I had to know more. 

That is when I found out that Ikea has created their own baking book called Homemade is Best. When I saw the other images taken by Carl Kliener I fell completely in love and I will be purchasing this book whether the baking recipes are good or not. I love these images and what a cool series for a photographer especially if you could sample the food right as you are viewing the image. SOOOO cool! I would go to that show for sure. 

But please enjoy these images and may they inspire you to either create cleaner lines in your life, bake, buy from Ikea, or do all. 

Happy Weekend to all and make sure to check out Simply Blue Weddings.

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