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This weekend I am going to sleep since I will be working all day today at one of my clients’ weddings. I love when I get to be on site the day of and see everything come together with what I did and what their planner did. It’s beautiful. It is a great reminder of why I love what I do. 

So since I am onsite and out of the office today I will leave you with some thoughts and great images for the weekend. 

I will be enjoying bed this weekend and though I will need to take time to work and keep up with incoming work or more or less catch back up I plan on enjoying the great things about fall as well. This is the best time of year in my mind. I hate being cold but I love layering and hats with boots. I love warm drinks and strolls through the fallen leaves. I get pumped for late night talks around a warm fire with great drinks and good friends. Life slows down in Northern Michigan when fall comes so we can all settle back into life before we go into hibernation all over again.

So enjoy the weekend and if you get really bored head over and watch this awesome episode of Emily Henderson’s on HGTV. Totally in love with her ooo and her new blog is up here.


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And a few images for the weekend

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